Areivim only works with your help.

Help us to build strong families by working with youth in our unique, team approach!

A problem of crisis dimensions

Mental Health Issues
of teenaged youth experience severe mental disorders
of students with mental health issues leave school or yeshiva
Dysfunctional Families
3.3+ million
children face violence or abuse in their homes each year
Path to Success
youth are touched by Areivim’s programs every year

With 2 decades of experience, Areivim has developed a clinically proven recipe for success.


Areivim welcomes young Jewish men and women from all spectrums, without judgment of their past behavior.


We provide comfortable housing in a safe environment, giving youth a chance to catch their breath.


Through our publications, shiurim, and events, we keep our friends close, providing a lifelong link to healthy lifestyles.

Servicing the Need

Shmuel_Kamenetzky 2

"Areivim is a community organization serving a community need. Accordingly, even those fortunate families who have never required Areivim’s services are responsible to support its work. There is no difference between supporting Areivim and supporting Tomchei Shabbos and Hatzoloh."


Areivim only works with your help.

Help us to build strong families by working with youth in our unique, team approach.
A real plan for addressing the youth crisis in our communities.

Our Services

Crisis Intervention
Areivim's staff is trained to take control in times of crisis, and to work on reaching stable, sustainable solutions.
Residence Homes
Clean, safe havens from negative influences, designed to teach personal responsibility and life skills.
We speak for our youth when they can't speak for themselves — in the legal system, to their healthcare team, and amongst their families.
Mentoring & Counseling
Areivim’s unique “adoptive counseling” approach takes every teen under someone’s personal wing, and provides healthy outlets for their energy.
Areivim contributes to the overall health and success of our community, through emails, seminars, and publications.
Lecture Series
Rabbi Gluck's popular series of lectures, delivered in Torah articles, online video, and audio shiurim, focus on building healthy families.
Shabbos Program
We host youth for Shabbos, providing them with a positive and uplifting atmosphere with ways for them to connect.
Job Placements
When appropriate, we help find job opportunities for our youth, in placements at which they are most likely to succeed.
Referrals & Placements
Areivim helps find placements for teens that need a fresh start, and advocates for them to be placed in a yeshiva or other program.


by Rabbi Shmuel Gluck

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